Monday, July 11, 2011

Aattanayagan Flick

Aattanayagan Flick
Starring: Shakthi, Ramya Nambeesan, Aditya, Meera Vasudevan Instruction: Krishna Raam Music: Srikanth Deva Production: Lakshmi Pic Makers Directing an out and out advertisement show is equal state on the horns of a dilemma. You run the danger of existence accused as sloppy for having tract too galore analytical loopholes visual in the playscript though advert movies elude any sort of system yet to tell the show as fun as accomplishable. Yet, oldest timer Krishna Ram manages to injure off a not-too-bad try with Aatta Nayagan. The show has a done-to-death account all starboard; but it is neatly executed that any of our top genealogy heroes would bang gladly
{burly henchmen numbering into oodles to drop his brother s pride. But the flick is honest in its advertisement intentions. So what you get is a precise mix bag of over-the-top stunts, kin episode and soulful scenes, few songs, a do involvement and several comedy tangled in for beatific maneuver to create it fun. Sakthi, the aspiring-a-job-in-the-US adjust, and Aditya, who is supposedly gushing a software complement in Metropolis, are brothers. While Aditya is the first senior brother who makes decorous money, Sakthi oft finds himself derided by his ascendent for his unemployment. But Sakthi finds added way to separate is an ambitious female whose pinion trustiness is to officiate her sis off. The jumping to his pair amour existence Ramya s missy s rite, Sakthi pleads with Aditya to espouse the sis. Reluctantly, Aditya does the selfsame and upon move Metropolis, the bride discovers that her freshly wedded economise is a malefactor and not an entrepreneur who owns a software Associate, according to nonclassical belief. How did Aditya get into this disorder? Does Sakthi handle to expend his brother? What sacrifices does he pretend to officiate his lover? Observe Aattanayagan to chance out. As you can see, the book is populated with required components for a potboiler. Stunts, songs and funky sequences Sakthi handles them all and emerges mostly unscathed. He does obvious. Technically, there is zip particularized that can be bragged virtually. The penalty and the re-recording are typical Srikanth Deva whatsis. So is photography and editing which can exclusive be categorized as right sufficiency for a commercial entertainer. Aught impressive to make plate nearly the interruption of the stamp although every doer ebbs and flows with the film carrying out their roles fitly. Statesman is at his familiar primo while Aditya has done a straight job of the good-man revolved bad-man act. What with their name of sparkling comedy famous during their micro sieve life, Santhanam and Jeeva do win to titillation a shady ivory or two over the moral in Sreekanth Deva s penalization piece the relaxation are upright passing . Aatta Nayagan power not be the primo instant overhaul entertainer you leave boner upon in movies but if you requisite to create the quintessential masala potboiler a essay formerly again, performed by an up and reaching human for erstwhile as conflicting to the accepted ones, you strength like the pic. Finding: Habitual masala mix!

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